QUA SHA (Light Face)

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QUA SHA (Light Face)

Qua Sha is a therapeutic technique of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. For this massage treatment we use keratin plates made of bone or jade, with rounded ends, aiming the removal of toxins from the blood and lymph. This holistic beauty treatment can actually balance, restore and rejuvenate the skin condition, without creating scars and without the use of chemical acids, or microdermabrasion, without Botox injection or painful cosmetic surgery.

The GUA SHA results are:

    • Reduces the dark circles, bags and swelling under the eyes
    • Reduces the fine lines and wrinkles
    • Moisturizes the face
    • Makes the skin smoother and more radiant
    • Reduces the open pores
    • Lifts and tightens the skin
    • Tightens the oval of the face
    • Eliminates the toxins from the face and thus improving the blood circulation


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